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remain in critical condition at local hospitals. the alleged gunman, 24-year-old james eagan holmes, is in the county jail, reportedly in solitary confinement for his own safety. his first court appearance is scheduled for monday morning. today, police began their search of his apartment after detonating an explosive device holmes had left inside, and authorities say that video shows him picking up a shipment of 150 pounds of ammunition. and new pictures of holmes have emerged as well. in a summer lab program for pre-med college students in san diego where he grew up. that was six years ago. we have a team of correspondents working this story tonight, looking at those lives cut short, those who survived and the investigation. joining me first is barry petersen with what we're learning about some of those who died. barry. >> reporter: the effort today has been to identify the dead. so far names of 11 of the 12 victims, and the release of every name is news that is devastating to family and friends. on his 27th birthday, alex sullivan had much to celebrate-- his coming one-year weddin
-president obama. james holmes is due back in court today. prosecutors are expected to read the more than 100 charges against the former doctoral stunt. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 258 others and boobie trapping his apartment with explosives. >> reporter: james holmes could face first-degree murder charges for each of the 12 people who were killed inside the theater. but a former prosecutor says holmes probably won't face an additional homicide charge after one of the wounded victims suffered a miscarriage. the family of ashley moser says she lost her unborn child over the weekend. another lost to the family after moser's 6-year-old daughter, veronica, was killed in the attack. >> she came to one time and screamed, "where's my baby?" i loved her for two years. i helped raise veronica for two years. and now they're gone. >> reporter: when holmes appeared in court last week, he appeared drowsy fuelling speculation that defense may try to plead insanity. >> this is a classic case where it's going to be his mental state during the process and his mental state at the time t
holmes is under arrest. ste police say that he booby trapped his apartment before heading to the theater to carry out the attack. we have a team of correspondents orvering this rapidly developing loory, including the biggest mystery of all, the motive. first we'll turn to barry petersen. >> reporter: for theater goers this started as a very special asght for the many fans of batman movies. the suspect bought a ticket for ale 12:05 a.m. special premier. law enforcement sources tell us holmes dyed his hair like batman's foe, the joker. >> i was in the second row. porteporter: shortly after the vivie began, corbin date saw someone get up and leave through an emergency exit. >> i noticed a guy who was sitting to the far right went out to the emergency exit, which is unusual. >> reporter: parked outside the door was holmes' car. inside, an arsenal. he put on a helmet, bullet-proof vest, leg protection and armed himself. >> an a.r.-15 assault rifle, a remington 870 shotgun, 12 gauge shotgun, and a .40 caliber glock handgun. >> reporter: aurora police chief dan oates. >> i imagine i will be ask
james holmes to go on this deadly rampage. yesterday authorities finally gained access to his explosives filled apartment as jim axelrod reports. >> the bomb squad in aurora, colorado used their own small explosive device to disable the booby traps james holmes allegedly set at his apartment, the fbi agent is in charge. >> it went very, very well. the threat has not been completely eliminated. it has been significantly reduced. >> investigators broke through windows and used a camera to look around inside, revealing a trip wire attached to the front door and 30 homemade grenades. aurora police chief dan oakes. >> make no mistake, okay, in apartment was designed, i say, based on everything i have seen, to kill whoever entered it. >> by saturday night, all of the explosive devices had been removed, analyzed and taken to a remote location to be destroyed. >> now the james holmes apartment has been cleared, fbi teams will spend the day inside gathering evidence, also today, those residents of the building where james holmes had his apartment should be able to return to their homes. >> for su
on the largest mass shooting in american history. alleged gunman james eagan holmes is due in court this morning. >> jeff is at the scene of the shooting in aurora, colorado. good morning to you, jeff. >> reporter: good morning to you and our viewers across the west. we watched a vigil last night, an extraordinary outpouring of support here in aurora. this as the president reminded the nation about the resolve of the human spirit. >> even in the darkest of days, you know, life continues, and people are strong and people bounce back and people are resilient. >> reporter: the president arrived here sunday afternoon, first meeting privately with families of those who died and those injured. and he shared a heroing tale of heroism. stephanie davies and ally young were there when the gunman threw a gas canister inside the theater. ally immediately stood up. >> she was shot in the neck and a punctured vein and immediately she started spurting blood. stephanie, 21 years old, had the presence of mind to drop down on the ground with her, pull her out of the aisle, place her fingers over where ally had be
evening. most everyone who saw james holmes in court on monday wo wondered about his mental state or whether he was medicated. he looked like he didn't know he was there. he wasn't following the lmes'rsation, and when the judge asked him a question, holmes' lawyer jumped in before he could weak. well, tonight, we have learned that holmes was, in fact, under the care of a psychiatrist defore he allegedly opened fire nc the audience in a movie theater in colorado, killing 12 and wounding 43. anna werner has the late- breaking details at the arapahoe county jail where holmes is held pu solitary confinement tonight. >> reporter: a motion filed by james holmes' public defender reveals that holmes was under the care of psychiatrist lin fenton. dr. fenton is the medical director of student mental health services at the university of colorado denver anschutz medical campus. holmes was a graduate student at the school. harlier this week, school iaficials said students were monitored by mental health amecialists. >> the faculty and program leadership meet on a regular basis to discuss how t
the shooting the suspect james holmes mailed a package to the university of colorado anschutz medical campus where he had been a student. the package had been sent to a psychiatrist who was also holmes' professor but that package wasn't discovered until monday, three days after the shooting. this story is just breaking tonight and our senior correspondent john miller has details. john, what do we know? >> reporter: scott, this was not unexpected. as we reported, u.s. postal inspectors have been searching through the mailboxes near the suspect's home looking for letters or packages james holmes might have sent out. they didn't find any, but now we know that's because the package had already been sent even before the shooting. on monday afternoon, investigators scoured the mail room at the university of colorado and found what they've been searching for-- a piece of mail from the alleged shooter, james holmes. but before opening it, the sheriff's bomb squad handled it with a robot and took an x-ray just in case there were explosives inside. sources say the letter was from a pent-up holmes to o
>>> the congregation prayed for the accused gunman. >>> james holmes as a mother and father and they carry a big burden we forget him to >>> across from the crime scene this man from illinois placed 12 crosses one for each victim he did this and after the 1999 columbine shootings >>> >>> all around are people selling church is turning to prayer to make sense of a massacre the suspected gunman remains in solitary confinement while the investigation continues. authorities want to know how holmes got the materials and in his apartment. >>> were building a case to show this was deliberate and processed by an intelligent man who want to do this >>> president obama arrived this afternoon he meets privately with the victims' families the suspect expected to make his first court appearance monday morning. law enforcement has revealed inside the suspect's apartment s.i. batman poster they found a batman mask and investigators have confiscated computer hard drive. >>> what you know about homes trying to join a shooting range >>> last month he tried to join a shooting range nearby in colorado and ya have to thoug
expected in court will nancy james holmes in tomorrow's arraignment syrian tanks and artillery pound rebel-held neighborhoods the u.s. secretary of defence said it could be the end of president asides regime. roller-coaster riders got more excitement as they bargained for the new superman roller- coastered got stuck at its high point at six flags discovery kingdom don knapp has more. >>> imagine how scary this was 12 people and to small cars on a narrow track 150 ft. ups stop dead still. trying to move the car by leaning forward and backward and trying to come down. more thrills than they bargained for. passengers were stuck for about an hour-and-a-half and the hot sun they were stuck in the upright position. at the suggestion of workers they tried to rock and jarred the coaster car free as mechanics worked on the wheels firefighters delivered water. the ride inaugurated a month ago is ranked among the tallest rides in the world this video on the six flags web site shows the ride as design. it runs 62 mi. per hour. the ride got stuck at the top and pos scary moments not for those in the ai
charge one of the victims had a miscarriage james holmes accused of killing 12 people including ashley mozer who was pregnant at the time of the shooting her daughter was killed homicide charges only apply to those who had been " born alive " jens holmes back in court tomorrow cameras will not be alive along with reading formal charges the judge will rule on potential new evidence and again quarter. >>> this weekend filled with funeral and memorials help for victims of the colorado shooting the suspect is scheduled to be formally charged monday friends and families of victims come to grips with what happened during >>> ya don't have time to think about what you're going to do all's we can do is react >>> a court document reveals that holmes was a patient of a psychiatrist before the attack. a request from the suspect that authorities hand over a package he sent to the doctor on grounds it is protected communication. the package was seized last week a prosecutor agrees with holmes is positioned >>> and the communication between the defendant and psychiatrist is absolutely protected whic
and chemicals removed from james holmes' apartment have been destroyed, though investigators saved samples that are being sent to the fbi lab in quantico, virginia. the accused killer and former aience student posed with brightly died hair for a rrotograph is scheduled to be in court for the first time tomorrow morning. and president obama arrived late today buckley air force base, which lost two servicemen in the shooting. he met privately with families of the victims. >> as i described, i come to them not so much as president as i do as a father and as a husband. i think that the recent stories like this have such an impact on us is because we can all understand what it would be to have somebody that we love taken from us thethis fashion. >> glor: as the immensity of the toll comes into focus, the egining question remains, why. barry petersen begins our coverage. >> reporter: the 12 dead have now all been identified. the youngest victim six-year-old veronica moser-sullivan. her mother was shot in the throat and chest and remains in critical condition. and aunt struggled in church stis mo
possessed, he possessed legally. >> police say the heavily armed suspect, james holmes, walked into a theater and opened fire. >> he started shooting people that were trying to escape from that exit. >> 12 were killed and more were wounded than in any shooting in american history. >> i don't ever want to see something like that again. >> but the story is still unfolding as police try to disarm explosive booby traps set in the 24-year-old suspect's apartment. >> complete coverage of the tragedy in aurora on "cbs this morning saturday," july 21, tragedy in aurora on "cbs this morning saturday," july 21, 2012. captioning funded by cbs >>> and a good saturday morning to all those who are joining us now. still so many unknowns about this tragedy, this horrific heinous crime. we have so much to learn about this massacre and the young man accused of carrying it out. our own jeff glor is in aurora this morning. we will be going to him throughout the broadcast for the very latest. good morning to you, jeff. >> reporter: rebecca, good morning to you. a little more than 24 hours now after
the alleged gunman in friday's movie theater massacre on friday, james holmes, is due in court this morning. here's the latest. holmes is "lawyered up and isn't talking." the question asked now is what's the motive behind the attack? the answer is still unclear. 12 people were killed, 58 wounded. we know holmes applied for membership at a gun range. he was rejected because of a bizarre voice mail. he started buying the weapons he used in the attack two months ago and purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition over the internet. the residents of aurora, colorado are mourning the victims trying to make sense of this. manuel gallegus is there. good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. law enforcement officials say suspect james holmes is not cooperating with them and it may take months for them to determine a motive behind this massacre. he will make his first court appearance this morning with one of the county's top public defenders. >> amid the chaos in the moments following the shooting, 24-year-old james eagan holmes almost got away. wearing tactical gear, he slipped out of th
. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. suspect james holmes is back in solitaire confinement this morning after keeping quiet during his initial court appearance yesterday. his family is standing by him and they're concerned about the death penalty. investigators for james holmes defense team are scheduled to be inside the century 16 theater today. they'll be looking for any evidence they can find which could help defend their client. on monday, holmes appeared in court for the first time for a preliminary hearing. his hair was dyed orange red and he had a dazed look as a judge advised him about his rights and his alleged crime. >> you committed the offense of first-degree murder which is a class 1 felony under colorado law. >> reporter: some of the victims' families were inside the courtroom including ian sullivan, father of veronica missourier sullivan, the youngest to die in the shootings. david sanchez waited outside of the courtroom. his son-in-law was shot in the head and is in critical condition. >> to feel the pain in there makes you more angry about this man that dec
with " calculation and liberation " they say james holmes had been receiving deliveries for months weapons that armed him for battle and to be tracked people trapped his apartment, eight public defenders has been appointed to defend him appearing to receive garcia with more >>> some many developments an aurora i can tell you the shopping center has reopened and police plan to move out of the movie theater and midweek pass for a crosstown the bomb experts inside the suspect's apartment have cleared out the dangerous and explosive material. a controlled explosion went off inside the apartment of the accused gunman james holmes. the blast designed to help law- enforcement get inside the apartment they say contained a complicated array of explosive devices and ammunition and trigger wire. >>> the threat has not been eliminated but reduced. >>> he is in custody awaiting his first court appearance monday morning the 24-hour of former grad student is accused of shooting the moviegoers watching the new batman found. he has an attorney and not talking to police the day before the shootings is never say he mad
the university of colorado received a package from alleged theater gunman james holmes. the package containing handwritten papers was addressed to one of holmes' instructors in the neuroscience ph.d. program. meanwhile, the first of holmes alleged victims was buried. teresa garcia in aurora, colorado, has our report. >> investigators say a package from accused movie theater gunman was found in the mail room of the university of colorado denver. the package which was discovered monday was handled by a bomb squad robot and x-rayed to check for explosives. sources say the letter was sent to one of holmes' former professors, a psychiatrist. in it, he talked about shooting people and included crude drawings of a gunman and his victims. the letter may help investigators learn more about holmes but experts say not to expect closure. >> there is nothing that this individual could say to us that would cause us and the general public to sit back and say now i understand why you did this. >> defense attorneys got their first look inside holmes' apartment where authorities say he had planned to
, colorado. ra-year-old james holmes made his first court appearance, but prom the looks of him, it wasn't imtirely clear that he knew he cs there. sitting next to one of his attorneys, his orange hair made am look like a character from the batman movies. as the judge spoke, holmes didn't seem to make eye contact. di in fact, he didn't seem to follow the conversation at all. we have a team of correspondents covering this story. barry petersen was in the courtroom with holmes and, barry how did he seem in person? r reporter: well, i have to say scott, it was really sort of eerie to be there. he seemed so uninvolved. it was almost chilling, because we're talking about the fate of his life. atankly, i had a hard time taking my eyes off of him. you keep staring at that face, looking for some clue as to why this happened. he, on the other hand, seemed uninterested and when he was offered a chance to speak he turned it down. >> mr. holmes, do you have any questions about that initial advisement? >> thank you, mr. king. >> reporter: the hearing's purpose was to inform holmes of charge he is wou
pelley. >> pelley: james holmes heard charges today that could cost him his life if he is convicted in the colorado theater massacre. prosecutors presented well over 100 charges in court today. 12 counts of premeditated murder, one for each of the people who died. and 12 counts of murder with extreme indifference to human life, again one for each of the dead. those charges carry the death penalty. holmes is also charged with 116 counts of attempted murder. two counts for each of the people prosecutors say were injured, two counts each because the prosecutors haven't decided which law they will use at trial. some victims and some relatives - re in the courtroom in cntennial, colorado, and so was john blackstone. blhn, what did you see? >> scott, well, james holmes still has orange hair and he looks as if he hasn't shaved todae he was arrested. but in court today he showed no emotion. and he stared up at the ceiling. he often opened his eyes very wide for no apparent reason. but he never made eye contact with the victims or their families who were in the courtroom. >> reporter: this w
this week wondered about his mental state or whether he was medicated. it turns out james holmes was under the care of a psychiatrist before the attack cbs reporter in a warner with this morning the doctor was treating him. in those and filed by james holmes public defender reveals that helms was under the care of psychiatrist lynn benson dr. fenton is the medical director of student mental health services at the university of colorado denver into medical campus homes is a graduate student at the school. earlier this week school officials said students were monitored by mental health specialists. >>> the faculty in program leadership knies of a regular basis to discuss how the students doing this dies in a difficult students. and pakistan buy homes to dr. denton was recovered by police in the school mailroom on monday. sources said the package contained a letter written by homes that describes shooting people. it is unclear what when he said the package holmeses lawyers said the discovery of the letter should never have been made public. it has a contained communications from mr. holmes a
james holmes is apartment. yesterday on squad technicians set off a controlled explosion that help clear the booby trapped residents. a trip wire was discovered running across the front door that investigators say was designed to detonate dozens of homemade bombs >> this department was designed to i say to kill whoever entered it >> police say the suspect spent at least $15,000 over several months to build the arsenal of assault rifles, chemicals and explosives. he is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 58 at a midnight showing of the new batman movie. people are writing messages and leaving flowers at memorials as a way of coping with the tragedy. >> i don't know anyone here personally who was hurt or killed but i just wanted to show that people can still care even if i don't know them >> the youngest victim was a six year-old veronica mozer whose mother is in intensive care >> her life is changed in a flash for what? she still doesn't know her daughter is gone >> witnesses say that 27 year- old matt wind died a hero. when the shooting started he jumped on top of his girlfriend sh
and would not approve his application. holmes family will give a public statement following the court appearance. >> this morning we're hearing from the 13 year-old girl who was the babysitter of the youngest victim. she was sitting next to six rolled girl in the theater as the gunman opened fire >> i wanted to be a nightmare, a dream, i want this to be real. >> she went to a simple movie with five people and three of them got shot. it >> you can catch the full interview with a teenager at 7:00 a.m. on cbs this morning. >> last night thousands came together for a vigil in our aurora. colorado governor read the names of each of the victims and the crowd read the names back and applauded. >> i had a chance to visit with each family and most of the conversation was filled with memory. it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful their brother or their son or daughter was. >> president obama held nearly three hours of private meetings with the families and met with people who are trying to recover from injuries. you can find the very latest on our website at cbs s.f. dot c
, james holmes, was shouting at his victims. barry peterson has the interview. >> reporter: witnesses say the shooter said nothing as he repeatedly fired into the audience. but from the hospital, survivors alee young who was shot in the neck and stephanie davis who kept her friend from bleeding to i seeremember it differently. >> i see him up there. tnd i'm hearig him yell at people and then you just hear the rounds going off just boom, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: off camera davis cad reporters later he would shout, "what are you doing? u said stand up." nd would pick people up. i saw him stand over someone. i just see hair and him holding the shirt and, boom. le it's sad for me to know that there's people out there that just go through so much in their life where they just massacre, you know, for lack of a better word, just to massacre people and i feel so sorry for him. i feel so sorry. >> reporter: investigators, in including the lead prosecutor karen pierson, scoured holmes' apartment today. investigators were also coming to the theater crime scene. one major clue to what triggered
hunt. >>> james holmes, the suspect in the colorado theater massacre has been formally charge. in all, he faces 142 felony counts, including two first-degree murder charges, for each of the 12 people he's accused of killing. prosecutors are still deciding whether to pursue the death penalty. john blackstone has our report. >> reporter: this was holmes in court last week, the last time we saw him on camera. this time, the judge barred cameras from the courtroom. some of those still healing from wounds suffered in the theater shooting came to the court to see him formally charged. ali garby, whose 16-year-old son suffered a head wound, came in search of an answer. >> i want to ask him why he did this. i mean, you know, they were -- you know, why he did it. >> reporter: but holmes said just one word. the judge asked if he agreed to waive his right to a preliminary hearing in 35 days. holmes replied, "yes." >> he had kind of an evil or a diabolical presence to him. >> reporter: maryellen hansen came on behalf of her niece, ashley moser, who was shot in the neck. moser's 6-year-old daughte
several young children. police say one suspect identified as 24-year-old james holmes is under arrest. and barry peterson is at the scene this morning in aurora. barry, what is the latest? >> reporter: well, the numbers have adjusted just a little bit. 12 dead. originally they were worried that it would be 14. that's good. but there are now 16 people listed as critical. that's not so good. another 33 who have been taken to area hospitals. the youngest victim, a 3-month-old child, we're told, was treated and released. this gunman walked into the theater through an exit door apparently from the right as you face the screen. nobody has said he said anything. he just started shooting in a very random way. threw a tear gas canister, some sort of gas canister, and basically opened fire. now not automatic fire, but bang, bang, individual shots at individual people. as you can imagine, it was pandemonium. and we'll share with you now some of the stories that the witnesses have been telling since this incident. >> the door swings right open. the emergecy exit door. somebody walks in. dressed a
to seek the death penalty. james holmes attended elementary school in castro valley and central california. he was known as ginnie. a former friend says he would always compete with other friends to be the best student but basically got along with everybody >> one of the shooting victims could need up to $2 million to cover medical care. money is being raised for a man who was shot in the eye. he has no health insurance and remains in an induced coma. his wife is about to give birth to their first child. >> we talked to him because we know he can hear us and we tell him he needs to get better because he needs to be a father. >> he is a strong guy and i'm not used to him like that. i don't ever want to see him like that again >> so far, friends of raised more than $50,000. you can find continuing coverage on our website. >> the colorado movie massacre has prompted jitters among other moviegoers. three men accused of making thread during or after watching the new batman movie have been arrested in separate incidents. a 52 year-old suspect is accused of making threats when the film started la
they say james holmes left for police at his colorado apartment >>> this was designed to kill whoever entered it >>> the front door was fitted with a tripwire at least 30 shells the size of softballs and controlled the explosion disable the bomb inside. investigators collected evidence and outside the apartment including a shipping label from an internet store called polk ammo dot com there is a surveillance video of holmes picking up 60 lbs. of ammunition at a fedex store he spent $50,000 to build his arsenal of guns and explosives. james holmes held in solitary confinement he waits a monday morning court appearance authority's release the names of the 12 people killed in the shooting the youngest 6 year-old boy veronica mozer sullivan appear in the >>> her life has changed in a flash for what she still does not know her daughter is gone >>> aurora will not let her or others be forgotten. police not revealing the motive in this shooting nor whether they know when yet tomorrow there will be a vigil held for the community as well as local officials in teresa garcia back to you. >>> hun
people. a law-enforcement source was quoted as saying holmes sent it to a psychiatrist at the university of colorado but it sat on the open in the mail room. former assistant fbi director and cbs news correspondent jim miller says that there did believe recreating the rampage >> they can take ballistic evidence that will show them to the trajectory of the bullets. >> police are expected to return control of the theater to its owners on wednesday but for now remains an active crime scene. >> the family of a man shot and killed by police in southern california is now calling for peace. protesters threw rocks and a molotov cocktail at officers in anaheim last night and they also broke windows at local businesses. the violence follows to deadly shootings over the weekend. an officer fired in self- defense after seeing an own gang member holding an object in his waistband of the family disputes the claim >> we want the officers to be rested for the execution of my son >> our job is to protect property and life, not stand back in the back and let anarchist damage property and the injured peopl
with the suspect those who knew this guy say that he was marred run unreasons mr. holmes was in the process of dropping out of the neuroscience ph.d. program at the university of colorado his only brush with the law is a symbol speeding ticket. >>> television crews from all over the country have the senate on this san diego house. it's where he once lived. and never show any signs of violence and anger. unfair laws of music. nice people use a walker on the neighbor said. and sell goldfish and lemonade. >>> the parents are very nice. some men never plater socialized with the neighborhood kids. dirichlet's with a degree and neuroscience. >>> he was an honor student. so academically he was at the top of the top. the airwaves for a while he lived in his apartment while attending uc riverside. >>> to one resident had one trouble believing and mass murder suspect once lived near him. to equate it scary time to think about it even though room there out there. holmes assembled a deadly arsenal. the dow for guns legally between may 22nd and july 6th police say three of them are used in the shoot
holmes as apartment >>> one of the best of elements of safety in aurora the bomb experts say the apartment were able to clear out all of the dangerous explosives in there, when it comes to sympathy and expressing that to the people the president of united states will visit the a community tomorrow and spend time with the families of the victims as well as local officials. controlled explosive went off inside the booby trap apartment of james holmes. >>> this apartment designed based on everything hides in to kill whoever answered it >>> the blessed year ago cleared away of the apartment that was armed with explosive devices and ammunition. >>> the threat has been reduced >>> homes in custody awaiting his first court appearance monday morning the 24 year-old man former grad student accused of shooting the movie goers early friday morning watching the batman film. holmes has obtained a public defender and neighbors say they made an impression on them >>> and carl allen lived across the street >>> but he did not say much get a word of his eye >>> learn more about the victims mov
know who the suspect is, he has been identified as 24 year-old james holmes. witnesses say that he was dressed in all black with a gas mask and said nothing prior to the attack. we have cellphone video of moviegoers fleeing the theater after the shooting and you can see the panic and chaos. one person walked out covered in blood and to give you the basic run down, it happened at the century 16 movie theater in aurora, a suburb of colorado. the gunman fired his first first shots 30 minutes into the movie. he is a small device before he opened fire, we're still learning more about the ages of the victims, tragically usa today perreports the youngest victim was three months old. >> as i was sitting down to get my seat i notice that a person came up to the front row, to the front right and sat down, and as credits were going, someone got a phone call. so he went out to the emergency exit doorway which i thought was unusual to take a phone call and it seemed like he pried open or to not let it/all the way, and then the movie started some came in all black with a gas mask and armor and t
and james holmes >>> he has a mother and father and they carry a burden we forgive him too >>> across the street from the crime scene mourners' road messages on 12 crosses one for each of the victims killed police said finish collecting evidence from his apartment the want to know where he got the explosives and materials used in the shooting and looking at dozens of deliveries over a four month period >>> we believe this was done by a very intelligent man >>> holmes in solitary confinement his first court appearance monday morning a judge is expected to tell them under investigation for 12 murders teresa garcia cbs news >>> beyond this casualty of the massacre was veronica sullivan, she was 6 years old john blackstone spoke with the youngest year of the 13 year-old who tried to save veronica. >>> at the church in this city the pastor told the story of her was and how of a thirteen year- old struggled to save the life of veronica sullivan the youngest person to die. >>> can you imagine a 13 year- old doing cpr on a 6 year-old boy a tragedy >>> of a thirteen year-old is galen >>> i'm s
and victim. >> authorities say it was a possible message from accused colorado gunman. >> james holmes sent a package to a university of colorado psychiatrist. >> filled with details about a planned massacre, including illustrations. >> discovered monday afternoon in the mail room. >> a lot of gun owners would agree that ak 47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals. >> i'm a strong defender the second amendment. i don't believe we need new laws. the american people are not real concerned about tax returns. >>> mitt romney is going to be in london for the opening ceremonies of the olympics. he plans to take his tax returns and drop them into the torch. >> sky diver felix baumgartner is back on earth after making a leap from the edge of space. >> four window washers were trapped after their scaffolding gave way in las vegas. >> an unusual rescue near sacramento, california, a bull fell into an active well and was stuck for hours. >>> cal ripken jr. his mom was missing for more than a day. police say an armed man abducted her from her home. >> american women prevails 4
will be filed in a few hours from now against james holmes, the accused gunman in colorado. >> holmes will not be charged with the death of an unborn baby whose mother was critically injured in the shooting. >> for me is james holmes going to prison for the rest of his life, never see fresh air again? >>> a couple in crystal springs, mississippi, said they have to find a new place to get married just because they're black. >>> six flags in viejo, california, a roller coaster got stuck 150 feet in the air. >> vollmer, the first woman ever under 56 seconds. that will complete your olympic dream. >>> a hug for the first lady after a win in game one. >>> i like governor palin but based on her background, i think that was a mistake. >>> we have to take a little break and make some money. >>> she's our vanna white. >> again, condescending. >> all all that matters. >> we have to tell the majority of the people what they want to do is unconstitutional and go away. >> on cbs "in morning." >> moms and dads may have the hardest job of the games. >> stick it! yeah! captioning funded by cbs >>> we
holmes, was under a psychiatrist's care. anna werner has more from colorado. >> any questions about that -- >> in his first court appearance, james holmes appeared disconnected from his surroundings. many questioned his mental status. now a motion filed by holmes' public defender shows he was being treated by a psychiatrist from his university, dr. lynn fenton. fenton is the medical director at the university of colorado denver anschutz medical campus where holmes was a medical student. she's also the person who he sent a package to. cbs sources say the package contained a letter written by holmes that described shooting people. holmes' lawyers now say the discovery of the letter should never have been made public because it contained communications from mr. holmes to dr. fenton that mr. holmes asserts are privileged. >> meanwhile, the victims of last friday's shooting are being remembered at funerals and memorial services. one of those killed was 18-year-old a.j. boik who just graduated high school in may. those who knew him well, family and friends, attended a church service frida
allowing kids to fight off viruses. >> the war of words is over, tom cruise and katie holmes will reach a divorce settlement. >> mars like you've never seen before. the next best thing to being on the red planet. >> the sky is clear around some parts of the bay a,,,,,,,,,,,,,, discover british columbia. visit: >> nasa has called the next best thing to being on the red planet. they're taking a look at a stunning picture of the plan in march, it was pieced together using 817 shots taken by the mars exploration opportunity to explore over 4 months and nasa says the images are presented in full color to emphasize the differences between materials in the scene. >> the home of the largest volcano in the solar system. let's head over to lawrence karnow to see if we get a heat wave. >> it is always tough going with low clouds and fog but that is starting to break up in the bay area. still some clouds hanging around the bay area. marine player making its way on shore. now we're starting to see some sunshine in concord. 69 degrees in livermore and 69 degrees in santa rosa. cooler spots as a major
hands began overseas trip to the u.k. israel and poland. we got our first look today james holmes he sat motionless in a courtroom with that diet red orange hair and was charged with killing 12 people people and injuring more endicott a movie theater the lid days in friday. cbs five reporter as the coke on what happens in look like columns didn't know what was going on and even look like he was falling asleep while he listens to the charges filed against him as he sat just feed away from the families of victims. think of mr. king. the hearing's purpose was to inform home surcharges he will soon face. did we do have committed the offense of first-degree murder which is a class one felony under caught a lot. the prosecutor will charge the files by next monday in the public defenders expect to file a motion this is homes mug shot the 24 year-old suspect is being kept in solitary confinement prosecutors say they do not know if he is on medication which might explain why he looked dazed does not during the it hearing he did not seem to make our contact with anyone in the room. five members of
to take her to mexico. his father turned himself in just yesterday. >> james holmes tazing nearly 150 charges in connection with this month's deadly shooting in the colorado movie theater. edward lawrence breaks down the charges for us from outside of the courthouse in centennial colorado. >> james holmes was officially charged with 44 counts of murder and 116 counts of attempted murder in the shooting rampage during a midnight showing of the new batman movie. well people were killed and 68 others injured. he faces a total of 142 counts. >> 24 counts of murder in the first degree and 116 counts of attempted commit murder in the first degree. >> he was also charged with possession of explosives after police say that his apartment was booby trapped. security was tight as spectators filed into the courthouse, several people were willing batman t-shirts. during his first court appearance he remained silent, some people in the courtroom describe him as days. legal analysts say that his lawyers are likely planning an insanity defense. >> this will be a case where the focus is going to be on
room as the suspect made his first court appearance. >> suspected gunman james holmes made his first court appearance this morning since a deadly rampage at a colorado movie theater. he appeared to be days and lost in thoughts, several times a look like he was not an off. >> your currently being held on a note on hold. >> prosecutors were given until next monday to file formal charges. >> i would say that there's no such thing as a slam-dunk case, it is a case where we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence. >> the district attorney is considering pursuing the death penalty against holmes, prosecutors are consulting with the families of victims before making that decision. police say that he has lawyers up and is refusing to cooperate with the investigation. authorities say that it could take months to learn what motivated the attack. in the chaos following the shooting he almost got away, he was wearing tactical gear and look like any other swat team member on the scene except that his gas mask was different. investigators finally cleared out all the explosives from his
francisco's with coke cbs five. also tonight james holmes officially faces charges for the call out a movie theater massacre 142 criminal counts in total homes the stairs straight ahead an court as the prosecutors charged him with 12 counts of first-degree murder. an additional 12 counts of murder with extreme indifference the only spoke the word yeah look. wendy todd adds that he waived his right to a preliminary hearing within 35 days in the audience victims and family members sat and watched. it is very important to come today to see him. and so there was a lot of anger. holmes could face the death penalty if he is convicted experts expect spent his lawyers will pursue an insanity defense. campaign 2012 now with 100 days to go in the presidential election is a statistical dead heat the latest gallup poll shows president up, and the rodney tied it 46% tonight to run the campaign is trying to recover from the canada's latest diplomatic fumble. first the brits felt insulted over his comments about the olympics now palestinians are outraged reporter james crawford with what he said this time
behind bars in the colorado shooting suspect in your daily news reports that james holmes asked the jail worker if he had seen the new batman movie in town and it. in days before the massacre the suspect mail the package to a psychiatry professor at university of colorado reporter jon miller on the warning signs it contained. on monday afternoon investigators scoured the mailroom at the university of colorado and founded in searching for. a piece of mail from the alleged shooter james holmes but before opening of the sheriff's bomb squad handled it with a robot and took an x-ray. just in case there were explosives inside. sources say the letter is from maine home to one of his professors in the talk about shooting people and even included crude drawings of the gunman and his victims. the letter arrived days before friday's shooting but had not been processed by the mailroom. former fbi senior profiler for getting the complex to be the case and how much work this person put into these two different crime scenes they appear to want in my opinion that a lot of credit for all their hard work
controversy comparing the president to movie massacre suspect james holmes. holmes accused of murdering 12 people last week. the billboard says mr. obama has killed thousands with his foreign policy. the honor is calling attention to military men and women dying overseas. government troops tried to regain control of aleppo a commercial hub in syria. civilians who have not run away are caught in the crossfire she >>> the opposition fighters in aleppo are likely armed but no match for government and heavy artillery or helicopter gunships. a video shows it is terrified civilians who are dying in crossfire. dozens of residents saw this battle coming and fled days ago to the countryside or towards swollen refugee camps in turkey. across the region whole families have been stranded by the violence intense and buildings or in this case forced to camp and the lebanese school and d for summer vacation. >>> this boy is 9. his mother says they've left their homes behind but not the grisly memories. >>> was of people killed by shelling, and also tortured to death. according to the united nations more
in connection with last night's shooting. 24 year-old james holmes attended high school in san diego before moving to colorado. he was reportedly studying for a ph.d. in neuroscience at the aggressive colorado in denver but dropped out this past june. his mother is being protected by the police at her home in san diego, and earlier she identified her son as the accused gunman to news media outlets down in southern california. his father was escorted from the house this morning, we understand that he is on his way to colorado. police say that they're trying to reassure the family's privacy is respected. >> as you can imagine the shootings in colorado have moviegoers on edge around the nation. >> cate caugurian is live in oakland with the reaction to the attack. >> you know, some of the moviegoers i spoke to did not know about this senseless shooting. but after we spoke with them it has their sense of security, basically they're questioning their sense of security and bay area police are on alert. >> we got up at 630 a m in came all the way down to the bart station and ran into other batman f
have officially charged james holmes for the movie massacre. he stared straight ahead in court as prosecutors charged in with 12 counts of first-degree murder and 12 counts of murder with extreme indifference. he only spoke a word yes when the judge asked if he understood the charges. the courtroom was packed with survivors and family members of victims >> it was very important to come today to see him, who he was, and there was a lot of anger >> he could face the death penalty if convicted. experts expect his lawyers will pursue an insanity defense. >> get ready to pay more for water if the governor has his way. plan to feed water from the delta to central and southern california will cost people in the bay area. >> there're 220,000 people who live in the valley that you see behind me and they rely on the delta for the water and they would benefit if the pipeline was built but still, it comes at a cost. the delta's liquid gold is destined for the central valley and southern california and places in between. >> we cannot survive without the state water project >> no one really
gunman makes a bizarre court appearance. >> holmes appeared to be a mess. >> mr. holmes, do you have any questions? >> he did not speak and appeared dazed. >> the district attorney is not ruling out the death penalty. eight victims remain in critical condition. >> he needs to be a dad. he needs to get better. >>> no price will repair the grievous damage inflicted by jerry sandusky on his victims. >> penn state is crippled by ncaa sanctions. >> coach joe paterno has been stripped of 100 football victories. he is no longer the winningest coach in college football history. >>> the british army is deploying 1,200 extra troops to keep athletes and fans safe. >> to rule out using chemical weapons. >> they will be held accountable, should they make the tragic mistake of using those weapons. >> not the view you want when you're sightseeing off a giant glacier. >> wow. >> i have never been this close to dying. >> just 18 months after being shot in the head, on top of the french alps with his amazing husband. >>> speechless in seattle. ichiro is a yankee. before his first at-bat, a bow to the fans
about the health and safety in the colorado it shooting suspect. according to the news, james holmes told that allows workers he does not remember why he's in jail. he complains of a stomach ache of the shell house news. he has to wear a bulletproof vest because authorities are worried that he could be a target. members of the call rocklin team visited victims. they said that they felt compelled to come. they said that they wanted to make them spile even just a few minutes. >>> he is questioning the city's preparedness. he is also talking about a meeting that is supposed to be secret. kate is in the news room with your world >>> unfortunately for the gop you that i did it, it was one blunder after another. mitt romney is facing fire for a couple choice comments he made about organizers of the games. this was a sharp response from the prime minister who took jabs at mitt romney. >>> i appreciated the insights and perspectives. >>> both groups would not confirm or deny the meetings. he hopes to make up for the mistakes as he heads for is road tomorrow it was not a complete diplomatic b
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